Loretta Hummel

Country, Country Gospel, Bluegrass


Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!  - Psalm 95:2ESV

Loretta Hummel was born and raised in the Appalachian Hills of Western Maryland. Her large Mennonite family kept their faith through times of hardship. They attended church regularly where Loretta sang standard hymnal songs. As a mother raising three children, she struggled to support them, working as a seamstress in a shirt factory.  She knew in her heart that the Lord gave her the strength to raise her children.

During the days of stress, Loretta would pick up her acoustic guitar, singing songs of faith… giving her courage and comfort. She taught herself how to play a guitar at the age of 14 and played on occasion at home or with friends at gatherings.  As she focused on her family, she had little time for her music. To support her family, Loretta managed Hummel’s Furniture business for 31 years. Her husband was a good father to her children and supportive of her music and the family business. 

Her family grew with the addition of six grandchildren. During the latter years, Loretta has more time to concentrate on the country, gospel, and bluegrass music that she loves. Loretta’s real passion in life is to share her love of country Gospel music and spread the joy of God through song. She has become a singer, songwriter, acoustic guitarist, and has released eleven music CDs.  Loretta has performed throughout the eastern and mid-western United States. Hummel has performed in a variety of places including the Appalachian Festival, Berlin Music Festival, Burlington Apple Festival, Saturday’s on Broadway, Friday After Five, Heritage Days and has participated in Cumberland’s “We’ve Got Talent” She volunteers at churches, nursing homes, senior centers, fire halls, fundraisers, festivals, and reunions. Loretta is the lead vocalist with her current band, Country Grass, who performs a variety of country, gospel and bluegrass music at several venues in MD, WV, and PA.

Loretta feels blessed to be part of the Country Gospel Music Industry. In the last few years she has participated in the Country Gospel Music Association’s conventions. God has been a powerful force, bringing people together through music. In turn music helps us to spread the gospel. Loretta loves to travel and is excited to be so blessed with her Christian musical friends. Her personal ministry is growing as she loves singing and presenting a message of hope and joy in the Lord. She was ordained as a Music Minister during the 2012 CGMA Eastern Division Conference in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Loretta Hummel was named the Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2014 CGMA Eastern Division Convention in Toledo, Ohio.

Her husband of 37 years passed away. In due time, Loretta met and married a man who also shares her religious beliefs and ministry. Their circle of Christian friends has expanded within the International Country Gospel Music Association.

In 2006, Loretta was a contestant in the Maryland Senior America Pageant.

She stated,

“My philosophy in life is that we should use the talents that God has given us.  We should do the best we can in whatever we do.  For what we put into life, we get out of life. I believe that we must teach our children self-worth and confidence.  I find that most everything we do in life is by faith, courage, and perseverance. I love life itself when I can bring happiness to other people.  I believe in opening my heart so that others will see the sun shine.”




Country Gospel Music Association, Eastern Division Awards:

Bluegrass Artist of the Year -2015, 2016

Female Vocalist of the Year - 2014

Lyricist of the Year - 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016

Yodeler of the Year- 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016



- 2016 -

Loretta’s patriotic single, “God Bless the Soldiers” has continued to rise on the Christian Voice Magazine Country Gospel Chart. It is now at number 7 and is listed in the latest issue. “God Bless the Soldiers” is on the compact disc music cd compilation, Gospel Jukebox, Volume 34, released in West, Plains, Missouri.  September 2016. Thanks to the DJs for playing my songs!

Her recent release to the radio “I Pray for The Angels” was listed on the Cashbox top 100 charts in September 2016. Thanks to the DJs for playing my songs!


"In the tradition of Loretta Lynn and Kitty Wells, Loretta Hummel is not only a singer but an artist and a storyteller. She believes every song she sings and every line of a song she writes.  Her talent -- like her music and lyrics -- is honest and true," says Shane Riggs, Managing Editor of Allegany Magazine. 

Kara Rogers Thomas, folklorists and associate professor of Sociology at Frostburg State University states "The appeal of Loretta's music lies in her zest for capturing the rich emotion of everyday experience and rendering that in an artistic form. Performed with raw honesty, her songs force the listener to feel--to laugh, to cry, and to celebrate life with all of its daunting challenges and rich rewards."

“I consider Loretta to be a very talented country singer and songwriter. She is preserving the originality found in country music from the 50s and 60s. Her stage show rewinds memories of Kitty Wells for me, something more of todays’ artists should be doing,” says George Park Jr., Chief Engineer of WVSB Radio Station, states “

Chuck Dicken, Station Director of WFWM Public Radio, 91.9 FM shares, “The first thing that always strikes me when I listen to Loretta is the honest emotion of both her voice and lyrics. There is nothing contrived or feigned about her.  Her music is a clear reflection of her faith and heart.”

Paul Mullan, Station Operations Manager of WMSG Radio Station, 1050 AM, states "We've all heard of people who wear their heart on their sleeve. Well, Loretta puts her heart in her voice. Her lyrics are some of the most penetrating I've heard, and her songs mean so many different things to so many different people. She’s a joy to be around and a joy to listen to."

“In the short time Loretta Hummel has been with us, her peers have presented her with two Silver Heart awards. Loretta has a beautiful voice, lovely nature, and appropriate approach to Christian ministry. As an organization, we support her wholeheartedly, and recommend her as a Music Minister,” says Billy Hale, President of the Country Gospel Music Association.

Professional musician Ellinor Benedict instructs students near Grantsville, Maryland. She speaks highly of Loretta. “Her voice is clear and she sings with feeling. The whole album is great for either attentive listening or for background music. The fiddle has the authentic old time sound and style and there is almost always a change of key from one tune to the next. I like the dobro and the harmonica. The whole impression of the album, Lovin’ Country is very professional.” 

Mable Blamble of Oakland, Maryland says, “I’ve been to many or her performances. Loretta sings from her heart and she has a pleasant personality. No one sings any better.” 


Paul Dix of Springs, Pa., plays mandolin, guitar and sings. Robert Broadwater of Lonaconing, MD has played the fiddle since his youth. He has played in several bands including performances for square dancing and social events. Robin Bagley of Grantsville, MD plays bass and sings.

Loretta has also performed in the area with some local and very talented musicians.